I recently read the following from a good friend and one of the men that I consider to be one of the most trusted sources at this time for information from Spirit.

This is from his newsletter Awake 2 Love: 

"2012 is finally here, and people look at it with both excitement and dread. As December 21st draws nearer, many people are wondering what the "Cosmogenesis" as it’s been called is all about, and what changes we might expect. I would like to share some insight with you all about it here.

There is a misunderstanding about this time that many people hold,thinking that this is a time of disaster and loss. But the greater truth is that it is a promised blessing extended from Spirit, to lift those souls who have been caught in an illusion of hopelessness, that there is a way to live in loving, to live the way their hearts would call them to live, and that there is a benevolent source of life that oversees their world, individually and totally.”

You can continue reading Michael’s input on this here.

For me there is just an energy that expands throughout my body and beingness as once again I touch into the idea that we truly do have the love, joy and peace at our finger tips. Everything I want and am desiring in this world is here.  And I’m so excited to be living in a time where so many of us are coming awake to how to live, breathe and share this experience of the Spirit … this experience of love.

Thank you Michael and Alisha for your great works in this world.  Love you both dearly.

Michael Alisha with their boys Danny and Joshy

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